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中医骨伤科 orthopedics and traumatology of TCM
骨折 fracture
脱位 dislocation
筋伤 injury of muscle and tendon
损伤内证 internal traumatic syndrome
骨先天性畸形 congenital bone malformation
骨痈疽 Carbuncle of the bone(pyogenic infection of the bone and joint)
骨/关节结核 Tuberculosis of the bone and joint
骨关节痹症 osteoarticular Bi-syndrome
骨关节退行性疾病 osteoarticular degenerative disease
骨软骨病 osteochondrosis
关节软骨 articular cartilage
代谢性骨病 Metabolic osteopathy
骨肿瘤 bone tumor
病因病机 Etiology and Pathogenesis
慢性劳损 chronic strain
肌肉强力牵拉 Forced myotasis
密质骨/松质骨 compact bone and spongy bone
成角移位 angulation displacement
侧方移位 lateral displacement
缩短移位 shortened displacement
分离移位 separation displacement
旋转移位 rotation displacement
闭合 closed/open fracture
单纯/复杂/不完全/完全骨折 simple/complicated/incomplete/complete fracture
横断/斜形/嵌插/压缩/裂缝/青枝骨折 transverse/oblique/spiral/comminuted/ impacted/compression/fissured/greenstick fra
骨骺分离 epiphysiolysis
稳定/不骨折 stable/unstable fracture
新鲜骨折/陈旧骨折 fresh/old fracture
外伤骨折 /病理骨折 traumatic /pathological fracture
骨髓炎,败血症 esteomyelitis hematosepsis
破裂 rupture
缺血性肌痉挛 ischemic muscular contracture
周围神经损伤 peripheral nerve injury
脂肪栓塞 fat embolism
坠积性肺炎 hypostatic pneumonia
褥疮 bed sore
损伤性骨化(骨化性肌炎) traumatic ossification (ossifying myositis)
关节僵硬 ankylosis
缺血性骨坏死 ischemic osteonecrosis
迟发性畸形 delayed deformity
损伤性骨化 traumatic ossification
扭伤 sprain
挫伤 contusion
撕裂伤 laceration
断裂伤 fragmentation
骨错缝 transposition of bone
撕脱骨折 Avulsed fracture
神经损伤 Nervous injury
骨化性肌炎 Ossifying myositis
关节内游离体 intracapsular corpus liberum
老鼠骨 joint mouse
骨性关节炎 bony arthritis
关节软骨面退行性病变 retrograde degeneration of articular cartilage surface
先天发育缺陷 congenital aplasia
听骨擦音 bony crepitus is one of the special signs of fracture
听入臼声 the sound entering-the-cotyle click
听筋伤声 the sound of tendon injury
关节摩擦音 rub of joint
腱鞘炎及肌腱周围炎摩擦音 rub in tenosynovitis and perimyotenositis
捻发声 twirling a hair
关节弹响声 snapping sound of joint
听创伤皮下气肿声 listening to sound of traumatic subcutaneous emphysema
屈伸旋转 flex, extend, rotate,
健侧/患侧 healthy/affected joint
量角器 protractor
中立位 neutral position
前屈 anteflexion
后伸 retroflexion
左右侧屈 left or right retroflexion
左右旋转 left or right turn
外展内收 abduction/adduction
内旋/外旋 旋前(掌心向下)旋后(掌心向上) intorsion/extorsion Pronation(palm downward) supination(palm upward)
背伸掌屈桡偏尺偏 dorsoflexion / palmflexion radial deviation/ulnar deviation Neck/waist/shoulder/elbow/wrist/hip/kne
头顶扣击试验 percussion test of the vertex
椎间孔压缩试验 compression test of intervertebral foramen
臂丛神经牵拉试验 traction test of brachial plexus
深呼吸试验 deep respiratory test
挺胸试验 test of throwing out chest
胸廓挤压试验 squeezing and pressing test of thorax
屈颈试验 flexing test of neck
颈静脉压迫试验 pressure test of jugular veins
直腿抬高试验 raising test of the straightened leg
直腿抬高足背伸加强试验 intensive raising of the straightened leg
股神经牵拉试验 traction test of femoral nerve
腰骶关节试验 test of lumbosacral articulation
骨盆挤压与分离试验 pressure and separation test of pelvis
骶髂关节分离试验 separation test of sacro-illiac joint
搭肩试验 test of putting hand over shoulder
直尺试验 straightedge test
肩关节疼痛弧试验 test of pain arc of shoulder
冈上肌腱断裂试验 rupture test of supraspinatus tendon
肱二头肌腱抗阻试验 test of resisitence of tendon of brachial biceps
肘三角 Cubital trangle
腕伸肌紧张试验 tension test of carpal extensors
握拳尺偏试验 test of ulnar deviation in clenching fist
腕三角软骨挤压试验 crush test of cartilage in carpal triangle
髋关节屈曲挛缩试验 test of flexing contracture of hip joint
髋关节过伸试验 test of hyperextension of hip joint
单腿独立试验 test of standing on single leg
下肢短缩试验 test of shortened leg
望远镜试验 telescope test
蛙式试验 test of frog posture
股骨头大粗隆位置的测量 measurement of position of greater tuberosity of head of femur
浮髌试验 floating patella test
膝关节侧向试验 test of sideways movement of knee joint
抽屉试验 drawer test
挺髌试验 test of traction of patella
回旋挤压试验 rotating and squeezing test
研磨提拉试验 triturating and pulling test
足内、外翻试验 test of twisting ankle inward and outward
内治法 internal therapy
攻下逐淤法 eliminating stasis by purging
行气活血法 activating qi and promoting blood circulation
清热凉血法 clearing away heat and cooling blood
和营止痛法 harmonizing the nutrient qi to alleviate pain
接骨续筋法 reuniting bone and muscle and ligament
舒筋活络法 relaxing tendons and activating collaterals
补气养血法 replenishing qi and nourishing blood
补养脾胃法 strengthening the spleen and stomach
补益肝肾法 tonifying the liver and kidney
温经通络法 warming meridians and activating collaterals
外治法 external therapy
外用药 topically applied medicine
敷贴药 dressing medicine
药膏 herbal paste
膏药 herbal plaster
药散 herbal powder
搽擦药 smearing and rubbing medicine
酒剂 tincture
油剂 oil agent
油膏 ointment
湿敷药 wet-packing medicine
熏洗药 fumigating and bathing medicine
热熨药 hot compress medicine
简单热熨药 simple hot compress medicine
熨药 compress medicine
坎离砂 Kanli sands
手法 manipulation
正骨基础手法 basic manipulations in bone-setting
拔伸牵引 pulling traction
旋转 rotation
折顶 bending and apposing
回旋 turning back
端提 holding and lifting
捺正 pressing reposition
分骨 bone-separation
屈伸 flexion and extension
纵压 longitudinal pressure
理筋基础手法 basic manipulations in tendon-smoothing
轻度按摩手法 gentle massage
深度按摩手法 deep massage
揉法 kneading manipulation
拔络法 poking tendon
擦法 scrubbing manipulation
滚法 rolling manipulation
击打法 striking manipulation
拿捏法 grasping and pinching manipulation
点穴法 acupoint-pressing method
屈伸法 flexion and extension
旋转摇晃法 rotation and swaying
腰部背伸法 dorsiflexion of waist
按压与踩跷法 pressing and stamping manipulation
抖法 shaking manipulation
搓法 rubbing manipulation
固定法 fixation
夹板固定 splintage
夹板 splint
托板 supporting board
支架 stand
衬垫外套 lining pad and coat
压垫 pad for pressing
压垫的类型 types of pad
平垫 flat pad
塔形垫 pagoda-like pad
梯形垫 ladder-like pad
高低垫 uneven pad
抱骨垫 bone-holding pad
葫芦垫 calabash-like pad
横垫 transverse pad
合骨垫 bone-joining pad
分骨垫 bone-separating pad
石膏固定 plaster fixation
持续牵引 continuous traction
皮肤牵引 skin traction
布托牵引 traction with cloth band
枕颌牵引 occipitomandibular traction
骨盆兜悬吊固定 suspension fixation with pelvic bag
骨盆牵引 pelvic traction
骨牵引 skeletal traction
颅骨牵引 skull traction
四肢骨牵引 limb traction
手术疗法 operative therapy
功能锻炼 functional exercise
前屈后伸 antiflexion and retroextension
左右侧屈 left and right flexion
左右回旋 left and right circle rotation
拱桥式 arch-bridge-like exercise
飞燕式 flying-swallow-like exercise
弯腰划圈 bending waist and drawling circle
内外运旋 inward and outward rotation
上肢回环 upper limb rotation
手指爬墙 finger climbing wall
箭步云手 hand waving on bow step
肘部屈伸 flexion and extension of elbow
手拉滑车 hand pulling pulley
前臂旋转 rotating foream
抓空握拳 grasping about and palmar flexion
背伸掌屈 dorsal extension and palmar flexion
手滚圆球 finger trunding balls
举屈蹬腿 kicking with heel
旋转摇膝 rotating knee
踝部伸屈 extension and flexion of ankle
足踝旋转 rotating ankle
搓滚舒筋 rubbing and rolling
蹬车活动 pedaling exercise
以身带腿 moving body to drive leg
各论 specific discussions
骨折 fracture
锁骨骨折 clavicular fracture
肱骨干骨折 fracture of humeral shaft
肱骨髁上骨折 supracondylar fracture of humerus
桡、尺骨干双骨折 fracture of shafts of radius and ulna
桡骨下端骨折 fracture of distal end of radius
股骨颈骨折 fracture of neck of femur
股骨转子间骨折 interochanteric fracture
股骨干骨折 fracture of femoral shaft
髌骨骨折 fracture of patella
胫、腓骨干骨折 fracture of shafts of tibia and fibula
踝部骨折 fracture of malleolus
肋骨骨折 fracture of rib
胸、腰椎压缩性骨折 compression fracture of thoracolumbar vertebrae
脱位 dislocation
颞下颌关节脱位 dislocation of temporomandibular joint
肩关节脱位 dislocation of shoulder joint
肘关节脱位 dislocation of elbow joint
小儿桡骨头半脱位 infantile subluxation of head of radius
掌指关节脱位 dislocation of metacarpophalangeal joint
筋伤 jnjury of muscles and tendons
肩关节周围炎 scapulohumeral periarthritis
肱骨外上髁炎 lateral humeral epicondylitis
腱鞘囊肿 thecal cyst
桡骨茎突腱鞘炎 tenosynovitis of styloid process of radius
屈指肌腱腱鞘炎 tenosynovitis of flexor digitorum
膝关节侧副韧带损伤 injury of collateral ligament of knee joint
膝关节半月板损伤 meniscus injury of knee joint
髌骨劳损 strain of patella
跟痛症 calcaneodynia
颈部扭挫伤 neck sprain and contusion
颈椎病 cervical spondylopathy
落枕 stiff neck
腰部扭挫伤 lumbar sprain and contusion
腰部劳损 lumbar strain
腰椎间盘突出症 prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc
腰椎椎管狭窄症 spinal canal stenosis of lumbar vertebrae
梨状肌综合征 piriform muscle syndrome
创伤性关节炎 traumatic arthritis
退行性关节炎 degenerative arthritis
痛风性关节炎 gouty arthritis
胫骨结节骨骺炎 epiphysitis of tibial tuberosity
骨质疏松 osteoporosis
股骨头缺血性坏死 ischemic necrosis of femoral head
骨肿瘤 bone tumor
面色苍白或萎黄 pale and sallow complexion
心悸怔忪 palpitation


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